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xLC® Stator Adjustment System Increases the Pump Life:

Improved Pump Performance by Restoring the Stator Pre-Tensioning

To further increase the service life of in wear-intensive applications, has developed a special stator adjustment unit, called xLC® unit, which is based on the easy-to-replace and easy-to-maintain .

If the sealing line between the conveying elements rotor and stator fails due to wear, compressing the elastomer can easily and quickly restore the pre-tensioning, and with it the pump performance. Moreover, an integrated display provides information about the readjustment status of the stator and when a stator change is impend at all times. Thus the tool ensures more operational and planning safety. To minimize the wear, the xLC® system canbe combined, for example, with joints and seals as well as special wear coatings for rotors. Retrofitting older pumps is also possible without any problems. For this, a conversion kit is offered for all available pump sizes.

To increase the customer benefit even further some components of this new product have recently been modified to achieve an even longer service life. An improved force transmission into the elastomer part results in an improved all-over deformation of the stator inner contour. Thereby the user gets better control over the adjustment behavior and deformation of the stator for a more precise, refined control over the adjustment. To facilitate assembly and handling the number of parts was reduced.

A scale with 7 segments makes a step-by-step adjustment of the stator easy and simultaneously shows the remaining life left in the stator until it has to be changed.

With an adjustment length of 3 cm, the xLC® unit compensates wear of the rotor-stator unit by 3 mm by evenly compressing the elastomer over its entire length.